Why I’ve Been MIA

So, I’ve been missing in action for quite some time. “Why?” ¬†You ask. My answer is, “LIFE!” I’ve been trying to keep my family afloat. Hubby lost his job last year and this set us back quite a bit. Since then we’ve both hunkered down and tried to keep us with a roof over our heads, food to eat, and just the ability to survive… That said, I’m back!


And now that I am, “What can you expect from me?” Well, glad you asked. I’m going to hunker down and write a series that I can publish back-to-back, re-establish a presence on social media, and build my brand from the ground up. Again! This will not be easy, so I’m asking those of you who haven’t abandoned me to be patient as I get my mojo working again. In the meantime I’ll be posting newsletters regularly, at least a couple of times a month until I’m ready to publish. Looking forward to interacting with you again!


Bev Elle


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